• Biodiversity Informatics NHM pages

    Workflow and issues on the Biodiversity Informatics NHM pages

  • NHM Data Portal

    The portal will provide a foundation to focus research efforts on the exploitation of NHM collections and research data. Using this portal, one could compute scores on how much, and what kind of, information is available within the NHM for any particular taxon and its relatives, generating new questions for further study. It would be possible to test and deploy new algorithmic approaches to understand better the causes and consequences of species diversification, and the changing distribution of species over space and time. It might even be possible to develop large-scale standing analyses that alert researchers to new evidence that challenges existing knowledge, indicating where research is needed. The portal will be the foundation for a vibrant biodiversity science within the NHM, but also provide a mechanism for community cohesion and for clear messages about the central importance of taxonomy on a rapidly-changing planet....

  • Scratchpads 2

    The main Scratchpads 2 project

    • anymals+plants

      Work on the anymals+plants mobile application integration.

    • Core

      Scratchpad bugs and tasks related to core features and not classified in other subprojects

    • NHM Projects

      Scratchpads NHM projects

      • NHM Project - CATE

        Moving CATE Sphingadae to Scratchpads

      • NHM Project - GIASIPartnership

        Gateway for the Global Invasive Alien Species Information Partnership (GIASIPartnership).

        The GIASIPartnership has come together in order to assist Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, and others, implement Article 8(h) and Target 9 of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets – "By 2020, invasive alien species and pathways are identified and prioritized, priority species are controlled or eradicated, and measures are in place to manage pathways to prevent their introduction and establishment"....

      • NHM Project - IPS

        A new International Palaeoentomological Society website.

        Prototype for late November 2013 with official site launch in January 2013.

      • NHM Project - Phthiraptera

        Migration of V. Smith's Phthiraptira onto the relations platform

      • NHM Project - SCAN

        SCAN, the Schistosomiasis Collection at NHM is a biorepository for schistosomiasis related samples

      • NHM Project - Seaweeds

        NHM Project - Seaweeds

    • Publication

      Issues related to the publication module and other publication related features.

    • Synthesys 3 management portal

      Structure and provide content for the Synthesys 3 management portal

    • Taverna integration

      Concerned with integration of the Taverna server and player and other BioVeL products.

    • Scratchpads Presentations

      All oral presentations and Posters related to Scratchpads outreach scheme should be included in this subProject

    • World's Birds Checklist

      This project will spec the port of the World's Birds Checklist databases from their current implementation to a new Scratchpad site

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