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Bogus Registrations

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I am increasingly getting bogus registrations on my site ( about 2-4 per week), of people that are evidently not scientists, but who give bogus names, silly addresses and doubtful credentials. Can you think of a way of avoiding that? Deleting these is not much work, but it is a rather annoying. One consideration, however, is that if they are evidently bogus they are easier to just delete than if they are compelled to add actual University addresses. Cheers, Lukas.

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We are already doing what we can to prevent bogus site registrations (CAPTCHA and Honeypot), and were previously blocking large numbers of dirty IP addresses. Even though legitimate users could work around us blocking their IP address, by entering a CAPTCHA, we found we had to stop blocking the dirty IP addresses due to it being a little too annoying for many of our users. Ever since we have stopped blocking these dirty IP addresses, the quantity of bogus site signups has gone up. We will continue to look into new ways of preventing them but, for now, there is nothing more we can do.

#2 Updated by lukas.scharer lukas.scharer about 1 year ago

I would like to give a brief update on this. Since my original post I have received another 24 bogus registrations, so on average about one every second day. Do other scratchpads receive similar amounts of bogus registrations? Cheers, Lukas.

#3 Updated by John P. Sullivan 9 months ago

I am having this problem, also. Here's one detail that might suggest a way to block them. With all of these spam accounts, the same name is entered for the Given Name and Family Name fields. Could there be an auto-delete function for anyone signing up this way, or a trans-Scratchpad periodic purge of all such accounts?

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