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4550SupportBugActiveNormalno longer possible to delete files2018-06-29 07:35
4549SupportBugActiveNormalimage not saved in cutom content2018-06-06 10:43
4548SupportBugActiveNormalUnable to delete images, no listing of specimens from main menu item and taxon menu2018-07-01 10:29
4547SupportBugActiveNormalScratchpad OFFLINE2018-05-08 15:04
4546SupportBugActiveNormalNo content (listing) under menus itesm.2018-04-29 20:30
4545SupportBugActiveNormalMenu items without content.2018-04-29 19:41
4544SupportBugActiveNormalText disappears!2018-02-12 20:17
4543SupportBugActiveNormalMap of British Isles not updating2018-02-02 09:16
4542SupportBugActiveNormalThe data set from our site provided by Scratchpads to GBIF has been deleted2018-01-26 08:17
4541SupportBugActiveNormalThe DwC-A file set generated by Scratchpads is lacking a file with Event data2018-01-26 08:08
4540SupportBugActiveNormalBiological classification2017-10-22 04:04 OFFLINE 2017-10-05 01:23
4538SupportBugActiveNormalAutomatically recording date of last update2017-08-30 08:43
4537SupportBugActiveNormalDatabase update required but unavailable2017-06-06 11:32
4536SupportBugActiveNormalUnable to edit home page2017-06-05 16:23
4535SupportBugActiveNormalMissing Scratchpad2017-04-17 13:17
4534SupportBugActiveNormalspecimen observation page error 5002018-06-28 05:00
4533SupportBugActiveNormalClosing down a scratchpad2017-01-26 08:51
4532SupportBugActiveNormalHome2016-12-08 09:23
4531SupportBugActiveNormalPages2016-12-08 09:25
4530SupportBugActiveNormalProblem with Greek Letters2016-10-25 09:07
4529SupportBugActiveNormalhosting my site2016-10-20 10:14
4528SupportBugActiveNormalNewly added images do not appear, only the broken link icon2016-10-12 09:50
4527SupportBugActiveNormaltaxonomy not displaying2016-10-06 23:06
4526SupportBugActiveNormalReference look up does not work2016-09-26 09:27

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